How to Use Trello for Your Business

There are many project management applications out there. Any of them can help you manage your business better. It really comes down to which features are really important to you. I have an acid test for you to use as a barometer for which one is best for you. Try a few. Test them out on your own organization. Do you find you like to work in it? Whichever one you enjoy working in the most is the right one for you. I can show you what many of them look like and how they work. This time we’re looking at how to use Trello for your business.

Before you start using Trello for your business you should understand that Trello is organized in terms of Organizations, Boards, Lists, and Cards.

The first thing I am going to tell you if you want to use Trello for your business is get creative about this. Have fun with it. Think of it as a new toy that will be a tremendous amount of fun to play with while it gets you more organized.

The obvious layout that jumps out of me when I think about how to use Trello for your business is that an organization is just that. An organization. So I will start by telling you that you can use Trello for your business and manage your business by creating an organization for your own company. Then create an organization for each client you plan to use it for.

In fact when you are using Trello for your business, you might have a board for each client in your own organization for internal purposes. Then create an organization for each client to share and collaborate with them. You’re always going to want both client facing and internal use only setups for each client. This is how you manage your business and using Trello for your business makes this easy to do.

Once you have your organizations set up you can start creating boards. Each board can have lists, and then each list can have cards. Cards can be tasks, checklists, or you can have a card based on a topic you want to discuss where the comments are all in context. If you “subscribe” to a card you will be notified by e-mail when there is activity on that card. You can also subscribe to an entire board. These e-mails can be discarded – it’s just so you can be reminded to jump in where the conversation or work flow is taking place. Most of us seem to agree these days that e-mail is a terrible place from which to manage your business. Using Trello for your business is a much better way to keep track of things. Like any project management application, Trello helps you get out of the inbox and keep track of conversations around important tasks and projects in one place.

In the video above I’ll get you started on how to use Trello for your business by showing you the following:

  • Creating an organization
  • Editing a Board
  • Changing a Board’s Organization
  • Changing a Board’s name
  • Changing a Board’s Background
  • How to E-mail to a Board
  • Tips for e-mailing to a board
  • How you can use your lists inside of a board

I hope you enjoy and learn something along the way! Post your comments and questions below!

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