I’m an SOB, Not a POS

I’m an SOB, but actually I’m the marketing part of SOB or schoolofbookkeeping.com. While most have enjoyed our acronym, we’ve had a few emails or calls to the contrary. Naturally, I called my mother for approval. She said, “That’s silly, I think its funny.”

We tried to abandon its usage, but our students and the industry we are a part just wouldn’t let it go. We get called SOBs so often now we wouldn’t imagine changing it. We are SOBs now and that’s the end of that discussion.

“We get called SOBs so often now we wouldn’t imagine changing it.”

Since we are talking about marketing in the accounting industry, let’s just come right out and say it, POS is one of the most known acronyms in the world. It stands for Point of Sale. While some may have another definition, I rarely hear complaints about that one.

For that matter, ATM is even more popular than POS and if you google that one, you’ll find its alternative “pornographic” meaning.

My kids love Build A Bear Workshop, commonly known as BBW. Go on, google that one too.

Have you ever received a Good Faith Estimate or a GFE?

At schoolofbookkeeping.com we have a Director of Photography or DP. Yep, again.

Finally, all of us use a PDA. I have two iPhones and an Android. I also show public displays of affection from time to time.

Solid marketing is one of the keys to any company’s success. Choosing a logo and a name can be easy but if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with more. Me, I’m an SOB and that’s ok by me!

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2 Comments on “I’m an SOB, Not a POS”

  1. “So your School is for being funny and for mother’s approval, and not for professionals. Now I understand.

    You have a long road ahead of you marketing for a poorly named business. Perhaps you should start over with a better name so you don’t have to explain the name to everyone and hope they have a sense of humor. That’s a lot of wasted Marketing money.”

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