It’s our Birthday! is now a year old. What a year! Here’s what happened:

  • We launched 8 courses and a few smaller courses as well;
  • We created and launched our bookkeeper and CPA referral services;
  • We created and launched our Video Answers;
  • We created and launched an entirely new website complete with tons of features and benefits for our students;
  • We grew quarter over quarter;
  • We launched our CCD program, co-developing content with some great software manufacturers

From Seth David

It was December 13, 2013 when I had a call scheduled with Eric Greenspan to discuss ideas about how we could work together.


I used my standard appointment system to schedule the call. By December 16 we had made the decision to join forces on, relaunching it from a static course to a new website where we would be adding a ton of content. The Official re-launch was set for Jan 1, 2014.

I had known Eric for a number of years. We met through some mutual acquaintances at something called the #140 conference. Yep you guessed it. It was all about Twitter. Eric had since wound down his company, Make It Work and was now consulting. I was excited to have the opportunity to work with him.

We’ve had some ups and downs this past year, but at the end of it all I am grateful to have Eric Greenspan as a business partner and more importantly, as a good friend. It isn’t often that I call people and ask for help. I need to do that more. A few days ago I was stuck on something I was working on for our upcoming course on Expensify. I called Eric for help and he worked through it with me relentlessly until he found and offered me a solution. That’s what friends do.

Here’s how I sum up TRUE friendship. If Eric was ever arrested for something? I wouldn’t be there to help him out. I would be riding in the back of the squad car with him 😉

Working this closely with someone on a daily basis isn’t always easy. You have to learn to accept one another’s differences. You have to learn to love each other for who you are. That’s what makes a friendship work, and this is what it takes to make a business work. We are fortunate to have both.

It seems like it was just a minute ago when we started this thing, until I look at our website and the courses we’ve launched as well as what is coming in the months to come. Then it’s clear that it was much more than a minute ago. In fact it took two lifetimes to get here. Mine and Eric’s. Together we have built something I am truly proud of. We have created an online resource and built a community of people we truly love.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us whether by signing up for a subscription or by simply encouraging us and letting us know that you love what we are doing. That validation has gone a long way to helping us feel assured that we are doing the right thing here. Now there’s no question.

I am really looking forward to an exciting, healthy, and prosperous 2015 for all of us. After seeing what we have done in our first year, I know better than to even try to imagine where we will be a year from now. I’ll just take it one day at a time like I usually do. I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

From Eric Greenspan

I met Seth first on Twitter and then at the #140conf event in LA. I was the host; he was a guest with a camera. We didn’t get to spend much time together that day but after the event we started collaborating:

Seth did a number of videos for our radio show’s blog. He was always so full of life and energy. The man just seemed happy.

When we had our call on December 13, 2013, I instantly knew two things. First, Seth needed help. The second, Seth had a brilliant idea. (there was a third actually, keep reading)

Fast forward one year and that brilliant idea has materialized into something I now call “real.” The revenues are flowing. The students are elated. Major companies are investing in us to build courses. It’s a dream come true, but sadly it’s Seth’s dream not mine. As a result, I will be leaving…


2013-11-18_12-18-57Seth’s dream has become my dream too. Both, because I love what we’ve built together and because I love Seth David. He’s a great friend and he’s the most honest person I’ve ever met. I have met so many amazing people in this industry. I feel at home here and helping people learn and grow their practice is a great way to spend your day.

Now here’s a part of the story you didn’t know. Seth needed me, no doubt about it. But I also needed Seth. After 25 successful years as a CEO and startup entrepreneur my brilliant little company with 85 employees and 44,000 customers collapsed. It was sudden and it struck hard and effected many. I was crushed, mentally and financially. I had moved on to a few other things after, but nothing was truly what I loved. So, to be blatantly honest (as a good friend has taught me), I needed to find my dream again. I needed to be involved in something I love and something I believe in and to work with someone that I trust. Then the phone rang and enter Seth David.

My mother always says, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Here’s a link to the Holstee Manifesto. If you haven’t read it, you should. It might just change your life.

I love you bro and thank you!

So please raise a glass and celebrate with us. It’s our birthday. We’re one year old and we’re headed to the moon!

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