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  1. I have a few questions and comments. Two years ago here in Boston I took the one day course I believe it was with Carrie. (Don’t hold me to the date). The perception was the one day course would indeed be enough to pass the QB’s online exam. In my case it did not. Moving along I applied my time to QB’s online learning. I failed twice and never went back. You maybe saying by now what’s wrong with this person. I found the one day course was not even close to taking the exam. My efforts to self study using QB’s online study also did not serve well. I found the exam questions to be “trick questions”. Even when you know the answer, it ends up being wrong on the exam . First I am not an online user, I am an Enterprise desktop user since about 2009/10. Without real live use of the online it’s hard to pass the exam. A year ago QB’s increased their annual support price to an unreasonable price. I call on them maybe 3 times a year for support. And in spite of my request for US support I end up in the Philippians. They are not the problem but the quality of the calls are. It’s been awhile and QB’s has a chronic problem changing their policies. To this end and according to what I remember, QB’s claims certified Pro-Advisors receive support without paying the annual support contract. Do you know what level of certification avoids the annual contract? How different is your course that would guarantee certification?

  2. Carrie is part of the Trainer Writer network but has never done in-person training. This is not a guarantee you’ll pass, it’s a strategy to help you find the answers in the training material and take the exam. The test questions, as in any exam are worded specifically to ensure they are read. As a proAdvisor, Online support is free, if you had the desktop add-ons you are entitled to support. Certification does not entitle you to support, but your level within the program (number of points of which certification is a part) will determine the caliber of agent you should be routed to. If you did not have the desktop add-on, you would not be able to access the certification for desktop nor would you receive any support for desktop products if you needed to call Intuit. We do not work for Intuit (I used to). They are free to choose their own policies.

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