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Practice development is always on the mind of most bookkeepers and accountants looking to launch, grow or expand their business. has partnered with to manage our launch and we are happy to announce that they can help you too. They understand our business, our customer and they have serious skills in both traditional and social media marketing. Marketing bookkeepers and accountants has become their specialty. developed their “Hub Strategy” for In short, it’s working and brilliantly well too. It’s a social media marketing strategy that really works.

From A basic Hub campaign goes like this:

1. We start with the website. We build it fast and simple with one thing in mind, conversions.

2. We fill it with content, daily. The content must be created properly and must be subject matter that makes your customers want to read more and then take action, like you are about to now.

3. Next, we share it, everywhere. This step is often the bottleneck. While great content is useful in generating SEO traffic and eyeballs to your site, if not formatted and delivered properly, you lose it’s true value.

4. Of course we track everything, setting goals and conversions to ensure that we can tweak each step to deliver the best result. A/B testing is useful on campaigns at all levels, including: website design, messaging, pricing, etc.

5. And now it’s time to move to the Action Plan. We close the sale, ask for the credit card, deliver the goods and deliver delight.

6. Finally, we survey and request testimonials to ensure delight. Check out the 7 Ds of Marketing for more on this.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle and we help you put them together. To learn more about our Hub Strategy, schedule a complimentary call today. We will explain, in detail and help you on your journey. Whether you hire us or not, you will hang up the phone knowing exactly what you need to do to be successful.

7DFour built, and 8 other sites. They manage the daily processes outlined above. They have achieved the following for us within our first two months:

  • Developed and manage our Adwords and Facebook campaigns
  • Setup Google Analytics with conversion goals
  • Setup our YouTube and Google+ pages
  • Setup Google Adsense
  • Setup Facebook page and groups, Twitter account, LinkedIn pages and groups
  • Setup Mailchimp email campaigns
  • Setup
  • Setup
  • And every day they manage it all, produce content, share, engage and close

The results:

  • 700+ Twitter followers
  • 400+ Facebook page likes
  • Thousands in groups
  • Hundreds on our mailing list
  • Hundreds of visitors and thousands of page views on our sites daily
  • And most importantly, we’ve achieved 2x our forecasts!

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