“Money Well Spent” – a Student Testimonial from schoolofbookkeeping.com

A student of schoolofbookkeeping.com just left a testimonial for us. Normally, we add these to our testimonials page, but this one was worth sharing as a blog post. I’m pretty darn proud of this and even more proud of my colleague Seth David. His hard work just keeps paying off.

Here’s the testimonial:

I can’t thank Seth and Eric enough for their assistance, and for the school of bookkeeping program. As someone who recently acquired an existing business, the task of bringing the accounting and bookkeeping system into the 21st century was daunting. I attained my copy of Quickbooks and realized right away that it was WAY more complicated than most other programs I’ve attempted to master in the past.

I bought How-To books, but they didn’t seem to give much guidance. That’s when I turned to YouTube and began watching Seth’s Quickbooks tutorials. Among all of the tutorials I watched from different individuals, Seth stood out as witty, human, and down to earth. Even in these short snippets – it felt like he actually cared, and that made me remember him.

I eventually checked out the SOB website and decided to enroll. It was between that and enrolling in a one or two day Quickbooks seminar that would have cost upwards of $500. The decision was a simple one for me, but not only because of the savings. When you take a course, at the summation they send you off on your own all by yourself. You have no one to help if there was something you did not understand, or something they did not cover.

An hourly session with Seth sounded like just what I needed, as well as the support of getting super fast responses to any question I emailed. I signed up for these reasons alone, the tutorials had become an afterthought at that point. However, as I began working my way through the lessons, I became more and more secure in using Quickbooks. The lessons are AWESOME. Seth doesn’t just show you how to work the program, he explains the basics of bookkeeping in language that a lay person (see Mathematically challenged!!) can understand.

For example, prior to signing up with SOB, I struggled with the terms “Credit” and “Debit” as they applied to bookkeeping. In accounting, the meaning is completely different from what I had come to understand previously. I felt like this was a huge roadblock, and it is pretty much the very first lesson in any accounting course! I became frustrated. However, Seth’s video on this topic made it clear. He offers Excel spreadsheets where you can work hands on, using examples. As I worked through this, I had Seth’s video playing on a small portion of my screen while I entered items in Excel on the other side of the screen. It almost felt like someone was right there, holding my hand, as I learned this concept that was completely new to me.

Another wonderful thing about the videos is that you can rewind, review, and take time to absorb the information. At times, Seth even recommends stopping, rewinding and it seems he knew just when I needed to do this. As a teacher myself, I’ve come to realize that it takes a special person to effectively teach something they already know, inside and out. It takes a lot of patience, and Seth has it.

As I worked through the lessons, I took notes on areas I had questions about in anticipation of my one-on-one session with Seth. I used my hour to ask Seth questions about how to use QB to best suit my needs. He worked with me as an individual, and catered his answers to my business specifically, which I thought was incredible. Again, this is not something I would have gotten at a jam-packed QB Seminar.

I can’t say enough good about Seth, Eric, and the SOB team. I was apprehensive at first, especially being a new business owner and feeling a little nervous about what to spend money on at this point. I can tell you, it was money well spent!


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