Monthly Closing Accounting and Bookkeeping Checklist

I am frequently asked if I have a monthly closing procedure. We all want something that we can refer to each month just to make sure we haven’t missed anything. There is certainly no one size fits all solution, but we can always start with a basic template and then tailor it to fit our individual clients.

I was digging into some old files recently and I stumbled on what I think may be a rare gem in a pile of old documents and templates I haven’t used in years. The reason I was poking around is that I am in the process of building a bookkeeping service based on new world techniques and technology. A bookkeeping service that uses only value pricing, and which uses cloud accounting software almost exclusively.

While I was looking at this Monthly Closing Accounting and Bookkeeping checklist I couldn’t believe I had somehow lost sight of it and stopped using it. I reviewed it with one of our students here during a 1:1 session I had with her and her reaction told me that I had to make this available to all of our students.

There are 6 videos that will play above covering each area. If you want to create your own based on what you see there, then the videos are all you’ll need. They are public on YouTube. If you would like the template and you aren’t a student already student then you will need to sign up to gain access. I think you’ll find it’s worth it even if just for the template, and I’m certainly hoping you’ll stick around for the rest of what we have to offer.

The videos will also discuss some important things for monthly as well as yearend closing, so be sure and watch them. They’re each no more than about 6 minutes, some much less.

Download the template here (make sure you’re signed in):



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  1. A monthly review checklist is a wonderful idea to make sure you aren’t missing anything! Thanks for sharing.

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