Multiple Company Discounts in QuickBooks Online

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When it comes to QuickBooks Online, each company represents its own subscription which begins to become cost prohibitive when it comes to a client who has multiple entities, because one business is just not enough, right?!?! If they have unique EIN’s, they should be tracking each business separately, but if if you need a quickBooks Online subscription for each company, that can get quite costly.

Intuit has a multi-company promotion, but it has some requirements

  1. It’s only for Wholesale Billing – So you as the accountant are responsible for the subscription cost.
  2. It only applies to QBO Plus companies – So they might not be fit in the right version of QBO
  3. You need to activate the companies at the same time with Intuit
  4. You need to fill out a form attesting the companies have the same owner
  5. It expires after 5 years

If those requirements haven’t scared you off, then keep reading. Wholesale billing gives you 50% off for the lifetime of the subscription, and the multiple company discount costs $5 for each additional company (up to 14). So that means that a client with 15 businesses would be costing you $105/month (compared to $1,050 MSRP) which you can bundle into your service fees.

If you want to proceed with this option, you will need to contact Intuit Accountant Sales in order to get the ball rolling.


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