38 Millions Reasons to Use schoolofbookkeeping.com ANSWERS Forums Today

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Today, we officially have relaunched schoolofbookkeeping.com ANSWERS, our 24/7, searchable, and very useful Q&A support service. It’s included for our members and it’s currently free to the public. It’s new, again, so there is much content YET. But it will come and fast and you can help. Why help? Because you benefit too….I’m going to show you 38 Million Reasons to Use schoolofbookkeeping.com ANSWERS Forums…ready?

Announcing “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Learn it” – A New Course from schoolofbookkeeping.com

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Angela just wrote a post about How to Land Clients on Facebook. It’s a great post and she used new skills in developing it. She now uses Adobe Stock images and resizes them beautifully. But I noticed her Adobe Stock image was plain and without branding. She is great at many things, but Photoshop is not yet in her bag of tricks. So, I did a video to teach her. It’s called “How to Edit an Image with Photoshop, Add a Logo and Text and Make It Ready for your Website and Facebook.”