Office Hours

Questions? Answered.

Office Hours will be posted here based on availability. If none appear above, we have nothing available. Keep checking and we will update our members when we update this page.

Sometimes we have questions and we need answers. Introducing Office Hours from Throughout the week, we will post available Office Hours days and times and you simply show up. The topics of discussion will be generated by the questions asked or ideas we have to share. You can ask anything during Office Hours, as long as it's about Ignite Your Practice.

Office Hours are online, video chats. You can show up, choose to turn your webcam on or off, use your microphone or not, or just use the Q&A and chat features to communicate with us. So if you did your hair, turn on your webcam. If you have a frog in your throat, use Q&A. Get it?

One more thing to remember...Office Hours are for all and members, concurrently.

P.S. Office Hours is for practice building, management and growth, with a focus on marketing, technology, workflow and automation and NOT ABOUT BOOKKEEPING DIRECTLY. If you have bookkeeping related questions, please join and visit ABBO Facebook Group that is hosted daily by industry leaders that specialize in things like QuickBooks, taxes, marketing and technology, managing your work/life balance and Xero.