Our First Quarter in Business…WE SMASHED IT!

schoolofbookkeeping.com was a dream only a short time ago. After a TON of hard work by Seth David, Eric David Greenspan and Perry White, it became a reality. We just completed our first quarter as a company and well, the results are in. WE SMASHED IT! We had to increase the forecasts halfway through and we still topped 104% of forecast. What a ride!

From the three SOBs:

“My favorite part of building this company is hearing the testimonials from our students,” said Eric David Greenspan (the company’s Chief Storyteller). “I know Seth is great at what he does but hearing it from the students makes all the difference. They love it and I love it too. I’ve been told never to fall in love with a company. Well, too late. This one has my heart. We do so much good for people at such an amazing value. The testimonials are growing fast and that makes me feel fantastic!”

“We will continue to build great content and satisfy the cravings of our knowledge hungry students,” yelped Seth David (the company’s Chief Nerd and the star of the show). “I absolutely love seeing this dream become a reality. I have always wanted to help people in my life and hearing the feedback from our fast growing student list takes my breath away.”

“Well well, who knew? I just wanted to work with these guys on a great idea and then this happened. I’m proud to be a part of this team and I will work many more late nights to bring you quality video and the best possible experience available,” said Perry White III (the company’s videographer and editor).

schoolofbookkeeping.com is available 24/7 for our students and you can sign up (enroll) at www.schoolofbookkeeping.com/tuition.


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