Planning 2015 With A Balanced Life

Last July I had a conversation with a longtime friend from back in NY that sparked a whole series of events in my life. Many things were set in motion that day and it all boils down to developing a plan, not for my business but for my entire life.

I picked up a book I had started studying earlier in the year. In fact the whole reason I stopped reading it was that I came upon a section that made me stop and think that it would never be enough just to read it. I had to study it and figure out how to apply it to my life.

The book is called the One Minute Millionaire and it’s available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (for the Nook lovers like me out there). It’s not really about how to make a lot of money. It’s about how to think the way that a millionaire thinks one minute at a time. The theory here is that if we learn to think like millionaires we can become them. My reason for wanting to become a millionaire is very personal of course but it boils down to a few simple reasons. First and foremost I want to always be able to take care of my family and I never want money to get in the way of that. Next I want to be able to use the money as a resource – exactly what it is – to help others and enjoy life.

My friend and I were disappointed that I was not going to make it to NY that July. It was based on this that I made a promise. I promised that I would make $500,000 by the following July (2015) and that IF I achieved that goal I would take a month off and spend it all in NY. Technically I would spend it in NJ, staying with my cousins who live just outside NYC.

In an effort to make myself accountable I posted my goal on Facebook. The response was overwhelmingly positive and one thing caught me off guard. No one seemed to doubt for a minute that I would be able to reach the financial goal. At the same time it seems no one believes I would take a full month off.


Off I went putting into action what I had learned about balancing my life from The One Minute Millionaire. Taking the concept and putting it into the context of what I understand well, I laid out a plan of action using of course nothing other than a spreadsheet.

What was so clear to me was that I wasn’t going to reach this goal doing the same things I was doing. I needed to think differently. By achieving balance in my life it meant I would be working fewer hours but I would be so much more effective in those hours because I would have 100% more focus (that means double by the way). I’ve now experienced this firsthand. It was obvious enough without experiencing it, but now I’ve proven it. When I work too many hours I get burnt out and I am easily distracted. No focus and very low productivity. When my life is balanced I am twice as productive. Maybe more.

The rest in terms of what I created is demonstrated in the video here. I made my “resolutions” in August. Don’t make “New Years Resolutions.” They never work. When you have made a decision to change and that decision is firmly grounded in an extreme belie that you MUST change, then you will change your life. It’s that simple. I’ve done it with Drugs and Alcohol, and you can do it with anything you want. You don’t have to “need” it. You must desperately want it. It has to be all you think about. Then it will happen. One day – one MINUTE at a time.

I hope you get something out of this first post of mine for 2015 and I hope you’ll comment below to let me know what that is.

The template is available to students of

Planning 2015 With A Balanced Life




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