Planning the Growth of Your Business from the Numbers

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Our clients as well as we ourselves talk about doing all kinds of planning. How often do we stop to look at the numbers? Let me clarify that. How often are you planning the growth of your business from the numbers? How about your clients?

It means we actually sit down and take the time to look at the numbers. We project. What are we charging each client on a monthly basis? How many new clients can we acquire each month? If we don’t have that number in front of our minds practically every waking minute of our day, then how can we expect to reach our goals?

In a word. Or 300 or so. You must take the time to lay out the financial roadmap so you can reach your goals. How many new clients can you on-board each month at each level? What will be your assumption about attrition? Based on that, how long will it take to reach your goal when you’re planning the growth of your business from the numbers?

When you’re planning the growth of your business from the numbers you will have a target in your head. Not ON your head, but IN your head. Maybe you should put it on your head, write it in reverse and look in the mirror every morning. However you do it, you want to be thinking of that number almost every waking moment of your day. This will help you stay lazer focused. When the phone rings you’ll ask yourself, “is this call going to get me closer to that goal? When you find yourself messing around on Facebook, you’ll ask yourself, “is this getting me closer to reaching my target?” Only if you’re in ABBO of course.

When you’re planning the growth of your business from the numbers, just being constantly conscious of that number will keep you focused on achieving your goals, which will make it that much more likely that you will meet and exceed your projected revenues. Most importantly you have something concrete. Something tangible to shoot for, instead of just waking up and hoping for the best.

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