Do Now, Apologize Never

Eric Greenspan

I recently was asked to donate to my kids' school. Instead of buying a gift card, I started a gofundme fundraiser. After hitting our goal of $1k in a couple of hours, I shared the idea with our principal. Naturally, she loved it but of course, she asked me to slow down so the foundation could check their rule books. I don't like rules, but I also don't like to break them. Sometimes though, you just have to do now and never apologize. I raised over $1300 for my kids' school thanks to some amazing people, friends, family and even people I've never met. It was the traditional method, but it worked and it was legal, ethical and everyone wins. So I just did it and I did fast. They can figure out how to deal with the money when they get it. I'm sure they will!
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