QuickBooks Connect – What Can We Expect?

Imagine storefronts and a park-like setting with trees and hammocks as welcoming places to hang out and discuss business. A community feel will be the ambiance for the Quickbooks Connect conference October 21 to 23 at the San Jose Convention Center. The gathering hosted by Intuit will bring together accounting professionals, small business owners, and developers with an emphasis on learning from each other and connecting for potential business relationships.

Watch the QuickBooks Connect interview with Chris Repetto right on the schoolofbookkeeping.com YouTube channel and check the description for a complete index of times and topics during the hour. You can click the time to go right to that part of the video.

What to Expect at QuickBooks Connect

QuickBooks Connect 2014


Icebreakers, live music, hosted parties and a chance to rent bicycles are the planned perks along with inspiring main stage speakers and workshops on specific business operation questions and answers. Chris Repetto of Intuit was my Google Hangout guest recently and told our viewers that the show will have the biggest announcement ever made concerning a Intuit product to benefit accountants.

He said every effort has been made so that QuickBooks Connect will be completely different than any accounting trade show taking place this year.

Among the expected 4,000 attendees at QuickBooks Connect, about half will be accounting professionals. The others will be program developers and small business owners who may be in need of accounting services. Chris said matchmaking will take place to connect everyone and one of the stores will be a developer garage where an accountant can pose a question and a programmer will develop an app on site as a solution.

Quickbooks Online at QuickBooks Connect

Chris told us that both Quickbooks for the desktop will be emphasized along with Quickbooks Online (QBO). Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning will be the chance to do a “desktop dive” into Quickbooks and learn some neat tips and tricks. Then QBO and the Cloud will get the attention once the conference officially kicks off on Tuesday noon.

“Most Quickbooks customers use the desktop,” said Chris, “but there are 683,000 QBO users globally and more continue migrating from the desktop world.” Sessions at QuickBooks Connect will include moving from the desktop to the Cloud without causing a tornado led by Doug Sleeter.

“There will be time spent making sure folks understand the benefits of the Cloud,” noted Chris. “They may have misconceptions about security. QBO is now mindboggling in its speed and with features closer to parity to the desktop. This will give a chance to see what the Cloud is all about and people can make a more educated decision about the version they’d like to work with.”

Quickbooks Online certification training will be available at QuickBooks Connect and you can take the test when you leave. “Being certified in QBO will put you that much farther ahead of your peers and the Provisor product will be integrated within. This will allow you to grow your business quickly.”

My concern was a need to wait three years as a certifying requirement but I was assured that would not be the case.

A Business Track

In addition to accounting information, QuickBooks Connect will run tracks related to all aspects of operating a business. topics and round table discussions will take place on issues like when is the right time to hire a first employee and what to do when a customer won’t pay.

There will be something for the small business owner, developers, and the accounting pros. Continuing education units (CPE Credits) will be available as well.

Reasons to Attend the QuickBooks Connect Conference

Chris reiterated how this event will be different than any you may have attended. “If you’ve been to other shows, don’t think you’ve seen everything you need to see. We’ve made an investment in hosting this show.

“Not everybody who’s there is a developer and not everyone will be a fan of the Intuit products. Intuit is one of the companies that can bring all three groups together. It will be cool and inspired and you’ll come away educated and connected. It’s a good investment of your time and worth coming to check out for a day and a half.”

The QuickBooks Connect website can be found here:


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