QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration. Box Goes Public.

The QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration should be online soon and Box, Inc. just went public. This got my attention. In fact while I’ve looked at Box many times before I decided it was worthwhile to look again and look more closely.

At QuickBooks Connect 2014 I was invite to sit in on a press conference in which they announced the QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration. Specifically they announced on Oct 22, 2014 that Intuit is partnering with Box to deliver a new document collaboration center directly inside QuickBooks Online Accountant.

“Our partnership with Box is all about strengthening the relationship between small businesses and accounting professionals by making it easier than ever to share information,” said Dan Wernikoff, senior vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Small Business Group.

The QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration is set to be available early this year. Last October’s press release listed the following features:

  • Accounting professionals will automatically receive a free 10GB Box account.
  • The document center makes it easy for accounting professionals to request documents, and keep track of what they’ve requested and received.
  • Small businesses can respond to requests, upload documents and view them from within their own QuickBooks Online account.
  • The document center benefits from Box’s best-in-class security standards.

After reading about and learning all about the QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration I decided it was time to take a look at Box. If you’ve never heard of Box before then you may recall that Box was first (sort of) famous for its integration with LinkedIn. All LinkedIn members contact information was stored in Box. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, but if you set up a box account and use the same e-mail address as you have for LinkedIn then you may find a LinkedIn folder already there in your account. I deleted mine.

The QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration – let’s have a look at Box

The first thing that gets my attention when I log into Box is the super slick and clean interface. This could be one reason why Intuit chose Box over other applications for the QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration. Some apps draw me in and make me WANT to be there. Box accomplishes this with me. From a navigational perspective it’s easy to follow and understand where to go to do what you need to do.

Figure 1- 1 The Box Interface

Another compelling reason for the QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration might be that Box also has a nice integration of it’s own with both Microsoft Office and Google Docs allowing you to easily create these types of documents in any folder:

Figure 1- 2 Box Document Integrations

I also love that you can add a note to a folder. This is especially useful when you are collaborating with others and need to share information about the documents in that folder. It could also be notes that you make to yourself about (eg) where you left off with a document in that folder. Intuit specifically added the QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration for collaboration between accountants and their clients.

Of course you can sync your Box account with your local files just like DropBox, ShareFile, Google Drive etc..

Finally for now I was also really impressed with the apps. There are many apps that work with Box. In the video I’ll go over some of the apps that I find interesting. I have not seen these kind of integrations with any other file sharing and storage app.

Box Goes Public

Is this good or bad? Some of Wall St. seem to think it’s not good – mainly because Box has shown some huge operating losses in the past year. They also have plenty in Cash and Cash Equivalents. The plan seems to be to keep investing heavily into expanding their corporate accounts as well as growth in general. Then they’ll worry about generating profits.

So far so good

Box, Inc. (NYSE:BOX) went public on Friday January 23, 2015. The stock was up right off the IPO while the rest of the market was down. In fact the one sector that was up was the entire tech sector and the Wall St. Journal suggested that it was all because of the Box, Inc. IPO:

Will the price hold? Hard to say. From what I have observed over the years, showing losses doesn’t drive investors to sell as long as those losses are in line with analyst estimates.

Here’s a snap shot from my TD Ameritrade account on how Box, Inc. did on day 2 of trading:

Figure 1- 3 Box, Inc. Trading day 2

As far as the QuickBooks Online Accountant Box Integration the question for us is this. What does Intuit think about all of this? At QuickBooks connect I managed to gram Jim McGinnis just on the tail end of the press conference I was invited to. I asked about Box as a choice versus all of the others out there while I offered that I assumed Intuit did their due diligence. He assured me that they did.

But who cares about all of this Walll St. mumbo jumbo! Let’s go have some fun with the app! Watch the video if you haven’t already then post your comments and questions below.

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