QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop, a Comparison

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Why should I choose QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks desktop?

In some respects that’s like asking if you should drink orange juice or milk.

They’re two very different products

One product is the future – a piece of software that lives in your browser. The other is the more familiar one in all of its glory using remote desktop connection technology to access your QuickBooks application and data file on a cloud based server. The experience is no different than using it on your desktop with all of the advantages of working in the cloud.

So which should you choose? It depends on your business and that business’ individual needs.

Cost is a consideration. With QuickBooks online I am paying around $40/month. The hosting for the desktop edition runs about $50/month/user. That can add up.

Do you need to track and manage inventory? How complicated is it? If it’s complicated and you want to use QuickBooks Online then you’re probably looking at using an add-on like SOS Inventory.

Just the same if you have really complicated inventory needs and you want to use QuickBooks Desktop then you’re probably looking at QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with Advanced Inventory. If your needs are somewhere in the middle, for example you need to track an assembly process, but don’t need to track inventory for multiple warehouse locations then you are too sophisticated for QBO, while the SOS Inventory add-on will cost more than you’ll want to spend. QuickBooks Premier Manufacturers (desktop) edition will work, and you can have that hosted so you have the best of all worlds. You still have to pay per user on your cloud server and you will have to purchase as many licenses for the use of QuickBooks itself.

So which should you choose? I don’t know! Depends on YOU, but watch this video and comment below! Let us know if you have more questions or if this helped you make a decision and we would be grateful for the opportunity to respond!


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One Comment on “QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop, a Comparison”

  1. QBO – How about the accountants version? So view from the accountants.. They have a roll up pricing, making it discounted for the very small business client… Inventory is an issue. and job costing.. We told them (as QBO Intuit Beta testers, this was a barrier from 50 % of small business, to even consider it. Plus you should have commented on the quality of converting a desktop version to the online system.. The conversion is weak.. does not do a good job on items pricing etc.
    Next problem…. Mulitple tax rates.. Hard to handle .. Also the Folio (stock reports for accountant.)
    Is very limited.. Again Development at Intuit heard our complaint. Good Idea to create 20 Custom reports then save to folio.. Problem then is poor organization, and you can’t group more than 5 reports
    QuickBooks destop.. we can create management reports, monthly quarterly reports…
    And with desktop.. there are tools to aide in importing data. Hosting Desktop QuickBooks also allows distributed Office, internet, and document storage all in one place. Also it’s easy to
    E Parker

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