Sage One Un-Boxed

You may know them for their enterprise level products like Mas90 (now Sage-100). Did you know that Sage One can handle your small business accounting clients in the cloud? The interface is super clean and the product is intuitive and easy to use.

My friends at Sage sent me a box! If you would like to send me a box, please send it to 2416 W Victory Blvd Suite 102 Burbank, CA 91506 and I will open it online just like I did here for my friends at Sage.

The box has a few things in it, but you’re going to have to watch the video to find out what was inside. Then I’ll “un-box” Sage one for you in this video, so be sure and keep watching.

You’ll see what the interface looks like. How to enter sales transactions in Sage One, how to enter expense transactions in Sage One, and how to manage contacts as well as tasks. You’ve learn an important distinction Sage One makes in the contact types that I have not seen in any other product.

Mostly you’ll get a high level overview of Sage One and what it looks like today. Then as you’ll find out in the video, Sage is expecting updates to roll out for Sage One this May, and they’ve invited me to be one of the first to have a look. Apparently they want to know what I think! Go figure!

I am honored and flattered by my friends at Sage One and I am definitely excited to see what they are rolling out next month. Meanwhile let’s get you familiar with what Sage One looks like today, so that when the updates roll out you’ll already be familiar with the product.

If you want MY suggestion? Put your next candidate for a cloud accounting solution into Sage One. This will force you to learn how to use this product and I am confident you won’t regret it. As I said above, it has a great interface, and it’s really easy to use.

One thing I did not mention in the video that I really like about Sage One as an accountant is that you can decide which accounts your clients have access to. In short, you have the power to make sure your client doesn’t screw up the books!

Ready to see what this looks like? Watch the video and please post your comments, questions, and feedback!

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