Selling from My Inbox

Inbound Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Social Selling, and Internet Marketing – these are a few of the terms we hear thrown around all day long. It sounds sophisticated! Don’t I sound so cool when I talk about these things and use these terms? They make me sound smart and cutting edge, don’t they? What do they really mean?

The new way of marketing/selling is not so new anymore. We no longer strive to shove a message down people’s throats. Instead we offer something of value for fun and for free. If we do that well then people come and absorb our content. It’s a simple formula which like most things of value requires some work to achieve the goal.

We put content out there. Choose your platform. Make sure your audience is there, but these days I think it’s safe to say that most people can find their audience most anywhere. That’s why I like to say, if you like Pinterest then go sell on Pinterest. Write your blogs, make your videos and organize them on Pinterest boards. You will find the other people who also like Pinterest and who also like what you are putting out there. So you’re matching yourself up with the people who like the same selling platform as you and who also are interested in what you have to say. So SAY SOMETHING. Say it loud, and say it proud and make sure that what you are saying will give people something new they can walk away with. It can be a fresh perspective, or a new idea altogether.

The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing. Someone really wise said that once. It means focus. Stay focused on your message and make sure you get it out there constantly and consistently.

Then you will get to do what I get to do..

Selling from my inbox

This is why it’s called “inbound marketing.” The inquiries come in. They’ve read my content, watched my videos and now they want something more. I have so much free content out there that at this point I have no guilt in asking for people to pay me for my time. It’s valuable and with all of the time I’ve already spent putting free information out there on the web, when someone e-mails me a question I STILL give them one last free answer. Then it’s time to sign up and pay for a session. So I am selling from my inbox. This is why I stopped filtering my social messages to get filed away. I want them. I want to know when someone has mentioned me, asking a question on Twitter. I definitely want to know when someone comments on my videos. That’s a huge selling opportunity. I want to know about it the minute anyone mentions me on any social network. So I have all of those e-mail notifications coming right into my inbox. I also have Google Alerts set up to let me know when anything out there is published about me, or any number of topics I am able to help people with. This causes a message to come into my inbox so I am triggered to open up my e-mail and sell from my inbox.

When I reply to people from my inbox, whether it’s directly in an e-mail or by clicking over to that YouTube comment I got I apply the three sentences rule. They get a 3 sentence answer and then a suggestion that if they want more help they can either sign up for where we have options that include 1:1 help with me, or they can hire me directly for a 1:1 session which is much more expensive.

In order for this to work you have to have the infrastructure set up on the web so that you have a place where you can send people to sign up and pay for your time. Once you do you can sell from your inbox and kick back and relax while the e-mails come soaring in from people who want your help. Don’t forget the pre-requisite though – you can’t kick back and relax until you’ve put so much content out there that the inquiries come in on a daily basis as depicted in this video here:

Oh and PS – I still haven’t kicked back to relax. I love doing this stuff way too much. Keep me busy – post your comments below and I promise at least a 3 sentence response 🙂

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