Software Applications for Accounting Technology – Who’s Next?

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One of the reasons I am so excited about our launch this year of is that it gives me an opportunity to do what I love most. I love to Learn new software applications for accounting technology. This is one of the reasons I love what we do at

What this means is that as I complete the roll outs of Mastering Microsoft Excel for Accounting Pros and Cloud Accounting With QuickBooks Online I am going to be rolling out courses on new software applications for accounting technology. We’re always looking for applications that help accountants, bookkeepers, and the business owners they serve, better serve their businesses.

Soon we will be rolling out content on some of our favorite applications that work with QuickBooks. We have Transaction Pro Importer for easily importing transactions into QuickBooks. Then there is Tsheets – time tracking for payroll. Tsheets seamlessly imports your time into QuickBooks. Next we have BillQuick for innovative practice management software for professional services firms.

There are many software applications for accounting technology out there which serve many purposes. We want to learn about them. We will always be discriminating when look at software applications for accounting technology. Before recommend something, we have to be able to satisfy ourselves that the product is solid. Next we want to know that there is great support. Then we want to know that the team behind the product is one that inspires confidence. When we recommend software applications for accounting technology to our friends and students we stick our necks out. Our reputation for only getting behind really good products has to be maintained.

With all of the above in mind we want to look at your software applications for accounting technology so check out the sneak preview in the video here on what is coming up and let us know if you have a product we should be taking a look at.

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