Stop Trying to Balance Your Life

Do you work 7 days a week? The upside to working 7 days a week is there’s no guilt when you decide it’s time to rest. You can relax and really enjoy it and you don’t need to go on an expensive vacation either. You can just hit the couch and turn on Netflix or Vudu. I am constantly told I have to “balance” my life better, but do I? If I am enjoying what I am doing then what do I need to balance? Balancing is needed when what you are doing isn’t making you happy.

I work from home. Does it get any better balanced than that? I am with my family every single day 24/7 except for the rare occasion when I go out and see a client. I can stop whenever I want, take a break, and spend time talking with my wife when she’s home. I do this often. I could never do that if I was still spending the better part of my days in a cube somewhere.

Last night (Saturday) my wife was tired. She was relaxing and watching movies. I was working and my newest addition to the “Nerd” team who happens to live here in Los Feliz called. He wanted to talk and go over some client business. I suggested we meet at The Morrison (a client of mine) and do it in person. What I was accomplishing here was the perfect balance and I was breaking another classic rule at the same time. This makes me so proud. I love breaking rules because it’s so much fun to raise other people’s eyebrows. Especially when it’s clear that they are trapped by these so called “rules” and don’t see how breaking free from those rules can equal true freedom in this life. The freedom to do what you want and with whom you want wherever and whenever so long as what you’re doing isn’t hurting anyone. That last part of course is a really important qualifier.

I mixed business and pleasure! YOU can’t do that!! But I can. And I just did. And I had an amazing time. This isn’t just business to me. This is my life. My clients are some of my BEST friends and so are the people I work with. Mario and I didn’t just talk business. We talked about life, shared some pretty intimate stuff and when we left the restaurant we gave each other a big hug and acknowledged we were glad we met.

Outside of my wife herself, these are the people I talk to the most and these are the people I share the most in common with. If I had a party today my guest list would consist mostly of people I work with. They ARE my family in many respects. Perry, our videographer drove from Santa Barbara all the way down here to Burbank just to spend an hour and a half helping me get the lighting right here in my home office. I don’t know many of my so called “actual” family members who would do that for me. Eric whom I know originally through social media and only recently as a business partner is alongside about 2 others whom I speak to most often, every single day in fact, and 2nd only to my wife.

How should I “balance” my life? By talking to and spending my time with people who are barely in touch with my day to day life? uh. uh. My family are the people who know me the best. They are the people who know everything about me and still don’t judge me. They accept all of me, even the things that bother them and I do the same for them.

This is my $0.02 on “balance.” Spend your days, especially your work life doing what you WANT, and not what you have to and stop living in the illusion that you CAN’T because you CAN, only because you SAY you can! So get completely out of balance by spending every minute of every day following your passions. That will ironically bring your life into balance because practically every minute of every day will be spent feeling great about your life, especially in every moment when you stop to reflect and actually think about where you are and where you’ve come from.

How can you achieve this? Set up your remote / virtual business. Make the next client your first remote / virtual client. Eventually you will have more remote clients and fewer in person clients and you can keep the local, in person clients for some balance – so you get out of the house once in a while. That’s what I do!

Balance is a relative concept I suppose. Sort of like the term, “work-a-holic.” You’re only a work-a-holic if you’re doing what you do because you have to. When you love what you are doing it’s not a “problem” as the term work-a-holic suggests. It’s the ultimate balance – spending your entire life doing only the things you love to do!

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3 Comments on “Stop Trying to Balance Your Life”

  1. Thanks for articulating and putting into perspective something I’ve been pondering for some time. I feel like I “struggle” when I work remotely from home because I am always distracted by other things. But, truth is I get easily distracted by things I am (at least short-term) passionate about! The downside for me is that I am not efficient with the work. It’s an interesting idea that I will ponder further.

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