Stop Waiting – Thoughts For A Saturday

The time is now and the place is here. When I am anything other than happy I am not here and I am not in the moment. We can spend our lives waiting for the next big thing; that big client, the perfect mate, the payment a client owes us, the time when the bills are easy to pay because so much money is rolling in. You can increase the list ad infinitum. What about right now? How is this moment? Are you surrounded by people you love? Are you happy with your current clients? Are your friends supportive? Are you doing something right now that before you couldn’t wait to do? Are you smiling a smile that’s wider than you face right now? Do it. I say go for it. Grab onto the happiness that exists for you right here and right now. Smile that incredibly wide smile right now and most importantly.. pass that smile along to someone else!

If you need to rest then rest. Grab a couch, put on Netflix or Vudu and watch movies all day long. When was the last time you did that? I promise if you do this you will be MUCH more productive tomorrow than you would have been working both days combined.

If you have energy to go out then get out there and do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Take those past anticipations and put them to rest by doing them right now. Stop waiting for things to happen and go make them happen right now. It’s really that simple. The biggest hurdle is YOU. We block ourselves by putting limits on ourselves and what we can do. We think, “I can’t” or, “That won’t happen for me.” Everytime I read what Eric put together about me on the homepage of our site I feel like I am reading about someone else. Then I have to catch myself and realize THAT’S ME! That’s when I realize that I can accomplish anything I set out to accomplish.

So can you!

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