Systematizing Your Daily Life

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Opportunity cost comes in many different shapes and forms. Generally, opportunity cost just means choosing the better alternative. As it relates to systematizing your daily life that could mean saving you time, making you more money, helping you avoid risk all while benefiting your health. Here we give you seven tips to help you design a systemized lifestyle for reaping these benefits daily.

1. Clothing

Consider Steve Jobs’ take on clothing… Only wear one outfit to reduce the amount of decisions you make thus increasing your focus on other tasks. It may be a bit extreme for some to only wear one outfit or color. Just make sure that you can close your eyes, reach into your closet, and grab one of each clothing to make a great outfit while saving your time and energy for more valuable to do’s.

2. Food

When I was younger my parents only bought whole foods, nothing was ever ready to eat, except for maybe fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I had to adapt and cook most of my meals. Luckily, I kept this habit and still only eat whole foods. When I open my refrigerator, I see only whole foods. Whenever I look in the mirror, l see only a healthy person. Yes, it may take time to cook and is not always convenient, but is that really worth debating when taking into account the larger picture -your health- and besides cooking is a great family and social activity!

3. Cleaning

Are dishes consistently piling up? Try using only one cup, plate, bowl, fork, spoon, and knife. If you want to eat from a clean dish, you must clean up after yourself. Try eliminating all plastics and chemicals from your kitchen too. Glass, ceramic, steel, cotton cloths, and organic cleaning products are generally the only materials needed to eat, drink, and clean with. Keep it kosher folks.

4. Personal Hygiene

Generally, our bodies are beautiful the way they are without the daily soap, hair, face products. We don’t need 20 different products. Stick to just a few that make a true, healthy difference and limit your choices to only those products. Also, try saving more time and maintain a healthier immune system by not taking a shower every single day.

5. Electronics

Do you have an tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, amazon echo, e-reader, smartwatch, ipod, etc.? Chances are you don’t need all of those devices. When you login to one of those devices, do you really need every single app or does it end up causing more distraction than value? Start selling and uninstalling the stuff you don’t need. Show only the apps you use daily. Do you have television or wifi in your room? Another consideration is to purposefully remove access to these activities from your sleeping environment. Allow more time for sleep and recovery.

6. Transportation

Can you walk or bicycle to work, clubs or store? If you can do it, then start making the habit today. Eventually, you’ll exercise without deciding if you want to exercise or not. Just do it!

7. Delegating

Once you’ve got the basic lifestyle designs implemented, start delegating:

Schedule Amazon to deliver cleaning supplies, hygiene products, food, clothing, etc. straight to your door before you need to reup. 

Hire a maid to cook, clean, and run errands for you.

Hire an uber to drive you to your destination.

Use Amazon Echo or other artificially intelligent products to get X, Y and Z done for you.

Got Stuff?

Do you have tons of stuff collecting dust in your closet, family room, or garage? You know what to do… sell it for a quarter of what it’s worth, give it away, or throw it away. The time is ripe for Spring Cleaning!

Start designing a system for your life that saves you time, makes you more money, helps you avoid risk all while benefiting your health. Think opportunity cost for your life. 

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