Differentiation: Create a New Category

When considering building your practice, the thing that will make you stand out is differentiation. Whether you are a remote bookkeeper, a point of sale expert, a data recover guru or simply a great educator and sharer or knowledge is … Read More

Lead and Client Acquisition Techniques Using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

There are many ways to find new prospects for any type of business. Today, much of this is focused to the online world. Google and the Internet have made resources available that bring us directly to the right type of prospect and while we may have to use more than one tool, we can gather much of their contact information readily.

Email Marketing for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Facebook and Twitter are fabulous tools for keeping in touch and informing friends and followers of what’s happening in your life and work. Whether it’s a simple update about a school play in which your daughter has the non-starring role … Read More

Selling from My Inbox

Inbound Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Social Selling, and Internet Marketing – these are a few of the terms we hear thrown around all day long. It sounds sophisticated! Don’t I sound so cool when I talk about these things and use … Read More