How to Track and Manage Inventory in Xero

I have said for a long time that whoever gets inventory done in a cloud accounting product wins. Xero has done it. They came up with it first, and I think you will find that as with all things Xero … Read More

Here’s Your Notification about Xero Notifications

Here’s what’s happening at Xero this week. Xero Notifications and more. Xero Notifications just got better. Now you can expect rich media in your Xero notifications. This comes on the heels of the latest release of Quotes in Xero. But … Read More

Now Playing: Quotes in Xero

Here’s what’s happening at Xero this week. You can now prepare quotes in Xero. Quotes in Xero were launched last week, actually. On Wed January 21, 2014 Jamie Sutherland sent out the e-mail letting us all know. Quotes or estimates are … Read More