The Most Important App I Own

I use a ton of apps each day. Each does something to benefit my life for work and for life. Some help me keep track, organize my life, shop, pay bills, edit documents, and so on. But in the end, there’s one app that is the most valuable of all…my calendar. I use it everyday. I keep track of my life. I use it to map out my days and months. I use it as a reminder tool. I use it to block time to do things, like to dos or haircuts. I use it constantly.

I once read that most successful people live and die by their calendars. Some use it and only it. But it’s not always that simple. For most, while we do in fact depend on our calendar for so much, it’s not the only solution to manage our lives. That said, using your calendar right and using the right calendar is a worthy topic of discussion.

I use Google as a calendar but I use it in Apple apps. What this means is, while Google is the container for the data, I don’t use a Google interface, often. I can, but I don’t. I use the Mac calendar and iPhone/iPad calendars software as the interface or “front end,” while the data is connected to G Suite or Gmail calendars or the “backend.”

I have 5 Google accounts. One is Gmail, the rest G Suite. The Gmail is personal and the rest are business. But, I only use ONE CALENDAR and it’s a G Suite version. You don’t have to do this, but it sure makes life easier. We did a webinar about this here called Managing Customers and Workflow Series: Control Your Email, Calendars and Contacts – Accounting Workflow Automation. In the webinar, you’ll see how we do the above and we explain much about why and how to really get control of your email, calendar and contacts. While this post is about the calendar app, the others are very important and they are all intertwined, so setting up and perfecting your calendar may depend on other tools and apps you use.

I also share my calendars with my family and each one of my kids has one. Our home is very “Brady Bunch” like. We have kids with parents that live elsewhere and the kids are not always with us. That said, we use their calendars to manage everything in their lives too, so we are never wondering where or when they have soccer practice, camp or math club.

To sum up this post, what I’m really trying to stress here is the importance of “helicopter vision” when it comes to the important stuff. If your calendar is as important of a tool to you as it is to me, own it, perfect it, use it and enjoy it. Don’t allow it to add stress. Fix the issues, ask for help if needed, and make this one less thing to worry about and make it help you have fewer things to worry about in general.

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