The Secret Formula for Achieving Our Goals

That’s right. I have the secret formula for achieving our goals. You’ve spent years looking for this and now you’re finally about to have it. So often the answers we need are right in front of us. It may even be more accurate to say that we can find the answers we seek by searching fearlessly within ourselves. In fact that is exactly how and where you will tap into the secret formula for achieving our goals.

The first 65 seconds of this video may be the best 65 seconds you’ll spend today – especially if you spend more time afterwards thinking about what he says, and how you can apply that in your life. Watch the first minute of this video (with Dr. Gervais) then read on and of course if you care to, it’s a great film (about an our long) that should get you pumped up to succeed however you define that.

KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide (Film) from Gran Turismo on Vimeo.

We can learn a tremendous amount from competitive athletes even though we’re not competing to win a race. In small business it is not a competition – there is plenty to go around. In fact I have helped and been helped by many people who might be perceived as competition in my career. What we have in common with competitive athletes is the fact that we have a goal to reach. We both want to “win” but we define that differently. A competitive swimmer defines “winning” as completing that last lap before anyone else does. Fortunately we don’t have that much pressure. Our “win” is defined more simply as achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

Why do we do what we do? We’re in it to make a profit, but if you stop there then you will fail. You need a better reason than just making a profit. Provide for your family? Now we’re talking. That is an incredible reason for wanting to win. Thank G-d winning in business does not mean that no one else can win. That’s what I love about this. We can ALL win, because we all have different goals and even when our goals are the same there is plenty to go around. You and I can both provide very well for our families without stepping on one another’s toes. In fact we can help each other. Together we can accomplish much more than we ever can alone.

In every area of life we are engaged in relationships. We’re engaged in personal, business, family, and intimate relationships. This means feelings are involved, and those feelings often get hurt or even stepped on. What I’ve learned is that when I’m upset, no matter what the cause it is blocking ME from progress. This means that I have to do something about it. I have to figure out a way to rid myself of the things that are blocking me from the secret formula for achieving our goals. In other words, when I am upset, I am the one with the problem, no matter how justified my anger might be, that anger is blocking me from achieving my goals. I must get rid of it asap. This is tied into one of the core aspects of the secret formula for achieving our goals. I have to take responsibility for everything that happens to me. That is the only way that I can be empowered to do something about it.

Every time I see a discussion come up about professional designations such as whether you are a CPA, CMA, CFA, CITP, and so many others something happens. Invariably someone chimes in about how condescending people with a certain designation are to the people who don’t have that same designation. My CPA can beat up your EA is what we are essentially reducing ourselves to. In every walk of life you are going to find arrogant and condescending people. Then the minute someone complains about it, someone from the other side invariably bashes them for “complaining.” But now both sides are complaining! Where does this get us? This is definitely NOT the secret formula for achieving our goals!

Let’s go back to learn something from the competitive swimmer for a minute. When that swimmer is in the lane working as hard as ever to get to the end of the race first, there is one thing that will cause certain failure. Stopping to look and see where the competition is. The minute they do that they have slowed themselves down and they will undoubtedly lose the race. In that moment the swimmer has lost sight of the secret formula for achieving our goals. The winners are the ones who of course train the hardest. Most importantly the secret formula for achieving our goals is this; focus on yourself. The swimmer who wins the race cannot afford to spend one millisecond looking in the other lanes. S(h)e is 150% focused on themselves and working as hard as they can to maintain their stroke and be the best swimmer they can possibly be. All of their energy is being put into doing their best. Talk to any athlete about what is going through their mind when they are in that lane and there is only one answer if they are tapped into the secret formula for achieving our goals. Nothing. When you are in that “flow state” your mind is blank. You are not thinking, you are just doing. There is no possible way of being more in the moment than that. Think back to the last time you were doing something with that kind of intensity. I guarantee that your mind was blank at that moment.

When I wrote my post on going from $25/hour to $185/hour I talked a great deal about confidence. When you are truly confident you have no insecurities about whom you are and what you’re capable of. In that state of mind you cannot fail. You can work with an arrogant, condescending person and you will intuitively know how to usurp the BS (because you truly have no time for it) and get to the point. This is the point – what do I need to do to get the job done? That is all that matters. Everything else is just drama, and histrionics and you have no time for it, because that is the business equivalent of stopping to look at the swimmer in the next lane to see where they’re at. Every time you do that you fall behind.

The secret formula for achieving our goals is simple. Find your passion within. Be confident in your own abilities and then what anyone else thinks doesn’t matter. It’s not any of your concern. One of my AA sponsors once told me that the only one who’s opinion of you matters is yours. He was right.

The condescending and arrogant people out there will learn, probably the hard way. Or they won’t, in which case they’ll spend their entire careers and perhaps the end of their lives wondering why their alone? Arrogance and for that matter any attitude lacking in humility pushes people away. They will also always be wondering what is the secret formula for achieving our goals. They’ll never get it, because it takes humility to get it.

There is one very important precursor to the secret formula for achieving our goals. Humility has to be at the foundation of everything we do. It is the foundation principle for the secret formula for achieving our goals. Just be the best YOU that you can possibly be today and the rest will take care of itself. I promise.

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