We Live In an Age of Too Much Information and Not Enough Transformation

I stopped reading books at some point last year. It was a waste of time. I also stopped watching videos and I was never really into listening to podcasts. We live in an age of too much information and not enough transformation. The problem with reading books is that I don’t retain enough. I have to study them. I also have to study videos and I have to study pod casts if I am going to truly get something out of them. When I read books, all too often I read them and think many good thoughts. I get many ideas, but how will I remember them? The only way is if I pause while reading, watching, or listening. I have to stop and take notes. In fact when I started studying the book I am working with now I hit a point early on where I stopped for a while. I did not want to go forward until I had spent some real time on what I had encountered. The book broke our lives down into 6 major areas and talked about how we must achieve balance in each of these areas. This meant that we had to set goals in each area, write them down, and read them aloud every single day. I did not want to continue in this book until I had gotten all of this down. This was back in August, 2014. I am still reading the book. I stayed stopped on this point until I felt I had really gotten it incorporated into my life.

The 6 major areas of your life are broken down as follows:

  1. Body – Your physical goals
  2. Brain – Your intellectual goals – the books you read, the amount of daily study
  3. Being – Your spiritual goals – the time you spend meditating, praying etc..
  4. Time – Your organizational goals
  5. People – Your people goals – concerning the most important people in your life.
  6. Money – Your Financial Goals

Notice what’s last? When I started this I formed a mastermind group to get some people involved in my life who might hold me accountable. I also wanted to help others with what I was learning. The best way to keep knowledge is by giving it away. This is how I planned on making sure I don’t simply get too much information and not enough transformation.

Some people raised the question as to why the spiritual was #3, and not #1. They even revised theirs to make it first. I don’t want to re-write a program that someone else has come up with which has proven to work, so I maintained this order. I suspect the reason might be something along the lines of, you don’t want to enter the “house of G-d” without first taking care of mind and body. As humans we tend to over think things. This is largely because we process too much information and not enough transformation. If someone else proposes a solution that works then I don’t want to re-write that. I want to do what’s proven to work.

Are you ready to change? Do you want to make the switch from too much information and not enough transformation to actual transformation?

Try this exercise. In the google sheet linked below, make a copy of the “Life Centers Daily Blank” tab. Right click it and choose duplicate. Fill it out. If your experience is anything like mine was, you’ll find out how little time you really have. This exercise did not come from the book I am studying. It was my adaptation of what I had learned applied in a context that resonates with me. This is a practical application of how I avoid too much information and not enough transformation. The first two tabs show you what I came up with for my own case.

Here’s the link:


The next thing I did after the exercise above was to open my calendar. I went out into the future so as not to disrupt what I had already scheduled with people (it’s important to keep commitments once we make them). As soon as possible in my scheduled I revamped how my day was structured. I am an early riser so I set my schedule up as follows:

4 – 6 am (alternating days = work out / content development and social media time)

6 am – 9 am (Shower, get ready, feed & play with the dogs etc..)

9 am – 4 pm (on the clock)

4 pm – 6 pm (reading /leisure and learning time)

6 pm – done for the day – off to handle personal & spiritual things

It is by taking these very specific actions that I am transforming my life because I was tired of living on too much information and not enough transformation. It is almost 5 months later and I do not perfectly follow this by any means, but it serves as a guide for me to strive towards my “ideal.” I am much more balanced now than I ever was and it’s becoming more clear to me how important it is that if I do stick to this structure I will be more productive than ever. The illusion is if I put in all of these hours I will get more done. It’s BS. When I am well balanced and well rested I get much more done in much less time.

All of this is to say that if I had simply “read” this book, none of this likely would have happened. I paused and I took what I learned and I applied it in my daily life.

I am transforming myself. No more of this too much information and not enough transformation life.

If all we ever do is absorb information without any transformation than we have really just wasted a lot of time. We might pick up a few things here and there and we will likely improve somewhat, but we won’t come anywhere near our potential. Too much information and not enough transformation is a stumbling block and I believe that too many people are stuck on this.

Why would you pay for something when information is readily available and free on the internet? It’s a good question. I think I have a few answers. The time you spend absorbing this information is an investment, right? You invest your time so you can learn something. How much of a commitment do you really make when it’s free? Most likely it’s something you’ll do in your spare time (and we all know how much of that we have). The other time is when it becomes a necessity such as when you’re working on a client and you’re stuck on something so you go fishing on YouTube to find the video that answers your question so you can move on. Let me ask you something? How efficient is that? Think of your state of mind in those moments. High stress because you NEED this answer NOW which means low retention and likely a longer time it takes to learn what you need to know.

What if, on the other hand you were engaged in the process of learning new things on a regular basis? For me that is scheduled to happen every day for 2 hours (see above). Do you see how one thing feeds another when you set up your life to overcome too much information and not enough transformation? Then when the time comes that I have a client need there’s a good chance I already know what I need to. If not I know I have 2 hours in my schedule that I can devote to learning what I need to learn in order to get the job done. Low stress, and well prepared gets the job done much better every time. In this case I am prepared in advance to make sure I have the time set aside for my “brain” which is the #2 area in the 6 major life centers. It’s like insurance against not knowing what I need to know to get the job done. I haven’t learned Microsoft Excel by force of need. I learned it by setting aside large blocks of time to play and learn with Microsoft Excel. Then when the need arose to do what I need to do, I already had the knowledge.

It’s true, there is a lot of free information on the internet. Maybe too much. The problem is that we have this misconception that this free information is all we need. It isn’t enough. We need transformation and that only happens when we make a commitment to make an investment in ourselves. Then we invest the time and we also invest money where and when appropriate because we see the value.

You can only get so much for free on the internet. If you truly want to transform your life and the way you do things so that you can learn and grow, then free information is not enough!


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