Webinar Wednesday Now a Part of schoolofbookkeeping.com

ignitization.com was created to extend our offering with new ideas and sort of be a “test kitchen.” Some things worked and some didn’t. Pretty typical. Like X, the experimental lab at Google, tackling a problem only to fail was often our goal. We learned so much and we kept trying new things. From the experience, we learned our Webinar Wednesday was extremely popular and growing each week. So we began to focus on that. But then it became obvious that having multiple logins and websites to visit was tedious. So we have some great news…

We’ve just moved it all into schoolofbookkeeping.com. Now, just tap or click the Webinars tab or menu and everything is all in one day place!

schoolofbookkeeping.com will continue to grow and try new ideas. seventyfourmarketing.com will do the same. But we promise you one thing for sure…we will always work on making the experience and usefulness better and when we are wrong, we’ll kill an idea faster than a speeding bullet so we can make room for better ones!

We also launched a WEBINARS ONLY registration option. For $29/month you get all Live and Recorded Webinars. That’s a new Live Webinar every Wednesday that you can watch live or at your leisure. Sign up at https://schoolofbookkeeping.com/enroll.

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