What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed

This topic is very timely for me. I know many of my friends in the accounting and tax world are overwhelmed right now too. I have finals in a week, and the tax deadline is fast approaching. When everything comes at once, the best thing I can do for myself is taking a step back and breathe. Here are few tips to get back on track when you get overwhelmed with work or life.

Get stuff done

Planning is critical to my success in staying organized. Essential items go on my calendar to ensure they are not missed. I keep my tasks/projects updated daily in Insightly. Then I go down the list and prioritize what I need to get done each day.

Nothing is worse than procrastinating to make you feel overwhelmed. Make a list, prioritize it and get stuff done. Focus on one thing at a time without distractions and start tackling the day. The key is to determine the top priorities then I can focus and Get Things Done!

Don’t panic

Find a way to can calm yourself when you get stressed. I practice breathing techniques which help bring down my heart rate within minutes. When you stress out, it will only make matters worse. Life will throw you curveballs, and you need to be prepared with strategies for managing stress, so it doesn’t completely derail you.

Take time to recharge

When things are crazy in life, you can’t always just book a vacation to escape or go into a depression and sleep all day. It ‘s nice to find ways to recharge your mind and body in little ways throughout the day. I love taking my kids to school and picking them up. It may sound funny and like a distraction but I look forward to it. It gives me a chance to step back from my day and take a little break to enjoy the kids. Distractions can be good when you need to shift your mind from worrying about something and disrupt the negative thoughts to get yourself back on track.

Going to yoga, watching kids play sports, dinner with family and friends, reading and walking by the beach (I am blessed to have one close to me) bring me joy. Taking time each day to enjoy the little things can recharge you, so you are ready to take on any obstacle that comes your way.

Ask for help

You may think you can do it all and maybe you can but we are on this earth to help others so why not let others help you from time to time. If you let go of your ego, then you can make room for more peace in your world. The truth is people like to help people. It makes us feel good about ourselves when we do.

Don’t become the person that always asks for favors and never gives back but do ask for help when you need it! The simplest thing like asking your significant other to make breakfast for the kids so you can rest a little longer can make a huge difference in your day. I am so thankful for amazing people in my life who are always there to offer and to help anytime I ask.

Life is full of challenges. It is how we overcome them and handle these obstacles that define us. You have the power to make choices to make a situation better or worse. I hope these ideas give you some guidance and help when you find yourself overwhelmed.

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